The Daily Journal of Conflict and Peace – January 15, 2015

After 27 days of unilateral ceasefire, CERAC is yet to register a single act of violation of the ceasefire that could be attributed to the FARC.

In the department of Huila, 2 guerrilla fighters of the FARC were killed during clashes with the Armed Forces.

President Santos has announced that the government’s peace-talks delegation shall study the possibility of implementing a bilateral ceasefire, in the context of the negotiation process.

Conflict-related violence Justice ELN
Peace and Negotiations FARC
Political Violence GPDP
Conflict-related violence

In Anorí, Antioquia, during a de-mining operation conducted by the Armed Forces, a non-identified soldier was injured after having activated a mine field set up by an unknown guerrilla group.

In Belén de los Andaquíes, Caquetá, Army soldier John Trujillo Cardozo was injured after having accidently activated an explosive device set up by an un-identified armed group.


In Baraya, Huila, amidst clashes between the Armed Forces and the FARC, two guerrilla fighters known as ‘Eduardo Gabán’ – or ‘Indio John’ – and ‘Cristina’ were killed. During the fight, it was observed that the guerrilla fighters were wearing Police clothing.

In San Vicente del Caguán, Caquetá, FARC guerrilla fighters ventured into a school in the rural district of Puerto Amor, where they left two explosive devices and painted the school’s walls with graffitis alluding to the FARC.

The Army has disconfessed the FARC’s statement, according to which 8 Army soldiers would have died during clashes between FARC and Armed Forces in Mesetas, Meta, the past 1st of January.


No violent actions that could have been attributed to the ELN were registered by CERAC.


No violent actions that could have been attributed to post-demobilization paramilitary groups were registered by CERAC.

Political Violence

No acts of political violence were registered by CERAC.


No judicial ruling concerning actions related to political violence or conflict were registered by CERAC.

Peace and Negotiations

President Juan Manuel Santos instructed the government’s negotiating delegation in Cuba to “begin discussing the possibility of a bilateral and definitive ceasefire”.

With respect to President Santos’ statement, and the opportunity of reactivating the sub-commission responsible for dealing with point 3 in the peace-talks’ agenda, “the end of the conflict”, the FARC’s delegation manifested its consent. Nonetheless, the FARC still find Santos’ decision to maintain the Armed Forces in full operation against the guerrillas somewhat ambiguous.

With respect to the dialogues with the ELN, President Santos announced that he “looks forward to settle, together with this organization, on an agenda that can set in motion the beginning of a peace process with the guerrilla group”.

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