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The Daily Journal of Conflict and Peace – January 15, 2015

After 27 days of unilateral ceasefire, CERAC is yet to register a single act of violation of the ceasefire that could be attributed to the FARC.

In the department of Huila, 2 guerrilla fighters of the FARC were killed during clashes with the Armed Forces.

President Santos has announced that the government’s peace-talks delegation shall study the possibility of implementing a bilateral ceasefire, in the context of the negotiation process.


The Daily Journal of Conflict and Peace, 15 April 2014

Unknown gunmen assassinated the governor of an indigenous community in the town of Nasa – the first such murder in the department of Putumayo in nine months. The last time something of this nature occurred was on 15 July 2013, when the FARC murdered an indigenous governor of the Awá tribe. (see here for more on Political Violence).


The Daily Journal of Conflict and Peace, 11 April 2014

Three days have gone by without a violent incident from either the ELN or neoparamilitary groups.

That being said, the security of community leaders throughout the country remains perilous. The following murders have occurred in the past week alone: Faustino Acevedo in Sucre, Adán Bernardo Quinto in Antioquia and Miguel Parra en Bogotá. Moreover, a community leader in Catatumbo was murdered yesterday. (see here for more on Political violence).

The FARC also attacked a police unit in Nariño. In the past three days alone there have been four similar attacks in the departments of North of Santander, Cauca and Caquetá. (see here for more on FARC).